Monday, July 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Nature’s Hidden Healing Powers w/ Dr. Jack Kruse

Hey Heal Squad! Welcome to episode two of my three part conversation with Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse. In this episode, we explore the concepts of decentralized and centralized medicine, challenging the notion of the brain as the central controller. We discuss the power of nature and Bitcoin as examples of decentralized systems, and delve into the impact of black swan mitochondria and living a circadian lifestyle. Uncover the Dunning-Kruger effect, the dangers of electromagnetic pollution, and groundbreaking research on revitalizing beta cells and harnessing the power of light. We also explore the connection between melanin-related diseases, light waves, and our biological control. Learn about our innate connection to nature, the electrifying nature of our existence, and the transformative potential of rewilding ourselves.

Healers and Heal-Liners
Half truths, lead to full lies
Decentralized Medicine is a trustless situation
Our frontal lobes will allow us to break the laws of nature
Modern humans are addicted to their wants, needs, and desires

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34 thoughts on “Nature’s Hidden Healing Powers w/ Dr. Jack Kruse
  1. At the 30 min mark, right after he says you expose yourself to an array of problems, there is a screen cut and we lose continuity. Was something removed from that section?

  2. Say what you want about Kruse, he's incredibly generous with his limited time. Thank you both. This was brilliant. It made me think of the Unabomber, who would have agreed with Jack's assessment of technology.
    Cheers from Germany. 🌞

  3. Its funny how this guy is promoting health and welness however hes overweight and theres no way this guy has stamina. I mean if hes got it right (he does have some truths of course) but he is not a picture of health at all.

  4. Why has Andrew Huberman not had him on his show? Because he knows you cant take everything he says seriously. Thats the problem,he líes too much. Hes saying people are trying to shut him up,this is nonsense. If you listen to los of his interviews you'll realise when hes talking nonsense. Super smart guy but nobody takes him seriously thats why hes only on these little podcasts etc.nobody really challenges him though, they just agree and never play devils advocate. Its defintely not one conspiracy, all black and white like he tries to paint.

  5. I know they have very different styles but I would love to see Dr Kruse match up with Zach Bush.
    We need likeminded people on returning to nature and etc to communicate. He had a huge aha as a physician also and left centralized. He’s trying so hard just like Jack to rewild our psyches.

  6. Ummmm.Bought the narrative from the dermatologist???? I grew up on a boat, spent my adulthood working as a lifeguard and teaching skiing. I have horrible brown spots now and was diagnosed with melanoma last year! I never wore sunscreen and wished I had!

  7. I came across Jack in 2008, and I thought he was crazy. But then I started reading, and I went back to school to learn even more, and now I realize that he just said what everyone else was refusing to say.

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