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RIBOSOMES structure and function (Cell Biology) Class 11th, class 9th lecture in Urdu/hindi

Ribosomes are also called Ribonucleoparticles first time studied in 1955 by palad. Ribosomes are complexes of protein and RNA. The main function of ribosome is the protein synthesis. ( Roibosomes are not protein bounded and thus not concidered as organelle)
Ribosomes are small dense granular structure present on ER and also in free form inside the cytoplasm. Ribosomes are almost composed of equal amount of RNA and Protein.
Cells that have high rate of Protein synthesi have high number of ribosomes for example Pancreas cells of Human which make many digestive enzymes.
ribosomes are synthesized in the nucleolus of nucleus and havetwo subunits i.e. Small subunit and large subunit
On the basis of size and sedimentation Ribosomes are of two type
number one is 70s ribosome present in Prokaryotic cell and in mitochondria and chloroplast in Eukaryotic cell.
While the second type is 80s ribosomes which is present in Eukaryotic cell.
The Function of Ribosome is the synthesis of protein with the help of mRNA and tRNA.

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