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Sipping from the Fountain of Youth: Anti-Aging Treatments Explained By BioViva's Elizabeth Parrish

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Curious about science’s latest effort to reverse aging? This podcast describes attainable treatments and the science behind theses gene therapy processes: Elizabeth Parrish discusses BioViva’s anti-aging gene therapy products and research. Even better, she brings a different perspective—she has had viral vector gene therapy herself.

Listen and learn

1. The specifics behind four of their gene therapies, including how they work and what they accomplish;
2. The process for getting gene therapy, from medications taken beforehand to what happens at the clinic; and
3. The scientific explanation of the viral vector delivery method and how the therapy lengthens telomeres in our cells.

Elizabeth Parrish is a returning guest and CEO of BioViva, a leader in health regenerative gene therapy. She takes listeners on a tour of anti-aging science, offering interesting and intelligent descriptions of available therapies and exciting future treatments in the works.

She begins by describing four specific therapies BioViva offers through Integrated Health Systems: telomerase gene-inducement, myostatin inhibitors, mitochondrial improvement, and klotho gene therapy. Respectively, these address anti-aging, muscle growth, energy production, and organ systems and dementia issues.

The process for how they accomplish these therapies is better than science fiction. Essentially, they use a viral vector that has had its pathogenesis removed. They fill this vector with the gene therapy and a promotor, which regulates the amount of gene delivered. These therapies are introduced into the body through various ways, but most frequently through an IV drip.

She adds that clients will need to take an immune suppressant before and after this therapy, though usually it is on the milder side and tends to be prednisone or something similar. What really makes this interview interesting is Elizabeth’s ability to explain how the biology behind this therapy works, why telomere length makes a difference, and how this turns on health-inducing genes without actually changing a person’s DNA.

In other words, it’s not genetic engineering for extending life spans, it’s gene therapy for enhancing and strengthening what the body already has.

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