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Mitochondrial Health

Structure of mitochondria I Function of mitochondria by Dr.KOMAL

In this lecture I have explained about structure and function of mitochondria. This lecture has been designed in power-point mode, using content from several standard books of molecular cell biology. This is a detailed lecture on mitochondria, it will explain about mitochondrial matrix, mitochondrial membranes, how mitochondrial membranes differ from each other in case of permeability and composition.
This lecture is useful for B.Sc and M.Sc. (masters) students and csir-net life sciences preparation.
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About me: Hi, I am Dr.Komal Saksena, recently completed Ph.D from University of Delhi, North Campus. I joined youtube as I am fond of teaching and want to help students in their academics.
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This video explains
1. Mitochondria structure and function
2. Why mitochondria are called powerhouse of the cell ?
3. How energy is generated in mitochondria ?
4. Mitochondrial matrix and its componenets
5 Outer membrane of mitochondria
6 Structure of mitochondria in 2D and 3D
7. Mitochondrial DNA
8. Mitochondrial physiology

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