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Sugar is Killing You – Athletic Healthcare
Saturday, February 24, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Sugar is Killing You

Dive deep into the shocking truth behind sugar and its detrimental effects on your health. From metabolic diseases to mitochondrial dysfunction, ‘How Sugar is Killing You!’ reveals the critical information you need to know now. Join us on a compelling journey to understand how excessive sugar consumption impacts every aspect of your well-being, including its role in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even aging.

🔍 In This Video, You Will Discover:

– The basic science of sugar and its types: Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose.
– The alarming link between sugar, insulin resistance, and metabolic diseases.
– The pivotal role of mitochondria in energy production and how sugar affects their function.
– The significant differences between natural and added sugars and their unique impacts on your health.
– Eye-opening statistics about metabolic diseases in the United States.
– The truth about GMO sugars and refined sugars and their effects on your body.
– Vital nutrients depleted by sugar consumption and how to protect yourself.

00:00 – The Bitter Truth About Sugar
00:39 – Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose
01:19 – Dangers of Excessive Sugar
01:37 – Metabolic Diseases
02:07 – Introducing the Mitochondria
02:45 – Fructose vs. Glucose
03:29 – Alarming Statistics of Metabolic Diseases
04:13 – Myth of the Health-Conscious Immunity
04:29 – Controversy Around GMO Sugars
05:16 – Hidden Dangers of Refined Sugar
05:29 – Antioxidants: Our Cellular Protectors
06:04 – Why Mitochondria Matter
06:39 – Impact of Mitochondrial Damage
07:17 – Nutrient Depletion
08:12 – Anxiety
08:58 – Cycle of Sugar and Nutrient Loss

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