Thursday, June 20, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

TAKE A BATH WITH ME! (Cold Therapy), Snake Diet

In my videos, I share my experiences and weight loss following the Snake Diet and the Snake Diet Lifestyle. My coach, Cole Robinson, is the creator and founder of the Snake Diet, Snake Juice and the Snake Diet Lifestyle. I started my journey at Snake Diet Fat Camp in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and then home to Minnesota to continue the lifestyle and lose weight.

In this video, I share a change in my fasting/refeed routine. Cole helps me adjust how I am eating/refeeding to address a brain injury that I have had for many years and is beginning to give me some grief.

I also address using Cold Therapy; cold bath submersion specifically, to reap the health benefits that improve my quality of life. I do take a bath in this video and speak to the benefits of increasing brown fat, how to increase brown fat/beige fat, which in turn raises your metabolism.

I discuss the Wim Hof Method and its many benefits through using cold therapy, his breathing technique and lifestyle.

Note: I did reach the “shivering” goal about an hour after my bath. This continued for about 2-3 hours!

I used Mel Robbins”, Motivational Speaker and author, 5 second rule to enter the cold water. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and in the water I went without hesitation.


The Snake Diet Warrior is fighting back at Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases and other debilitating conditions!

Brigid is following the Snake Diet protocols to address and heal autoimmune diseases and other debilitating conditions including weight loss.

Cole Robinson, the founder of the Snake Diet, will coach me through the process. Cole is a fasting prodigy. All of his coaching is free, however, now he offers intensive coaching by phone that he charges a reasonable rate. You can contact him through messenger on his Facebook page. He is passionate about helping others to achieve their weight loss goals and health targets and improving quality of life.

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