Thursday, June 20, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

The Cool Fat Burner – triple calorie burn – published in peer review!

The Cool Fat Burner, the world’s first and only scientifically backed, lab-tested brown fat calorie burning cooling vest. Now published in peer-reviewed journals!

The Cool Gut Buster is the world’s first fat freezing stomach wrap shown able to reproduce the same skin temperatures used in the original cryolipolysis trials, allowing one to engage in do it yourself coolsculpting at home.

NOTE: the phrase “over 250 calories an hour” (from the indirect calorimetry testing) is an average from several tests, not just the one shown.
Keep in mind that it is percentages (in this case, 300%) that matters more than total numbers, since cold thermogenesis (and exercise and NEAT) work by MULTIPLES of your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).
Thus a smaller vs a larger person will have a smaller vs a larger total calorie burn, even though both are at the same boosted calorie burn rate (in this case, 300% from wearing the CFB plus Gut Buster).
It tends to equal out though, as larger people will also have more fat to lose.

Re: the PET scan images, yes the “after” image is highlighted RED where the active brown fat was activated. (the actual PET scan isn’t red). That was nearly 2hr after removing the ice vest. We’ve had feedback and personal experience showing increased sensations of heat lasting later into the same day! (a good 10-12 hrs later!)

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary.


“Hi everyone it’s Eric Grove I’m the Inventor / owner of the Cool Fat Burner,
the world’s first and only lab tested scientifically backed brown fat calorie
burning cooling vest. Works completely independent of diet and exercise, works
while you lounge around the house.

“The Cool Fat Burner has been tested by indirect calorimetry and shown to boost calorie
burning by 300%. That was over two hundred and fifty calories an hour just
from wearing the vest!

“We then expanded that experiment into a university group study, got great results,
and were published in the peer-reviewed “The Journal of Sports Medicine and
Physical Fitness!”

“The Cool Fat Burner is also the only product in the world shown able to not only maintain
maximal brown fat or brown adipose tissue levels year-round, including through the hot
summer months, but also to keep brown fat active for hours after removing the vest,
all verified by independent third-party PET scans.

“We are also the only consumer product in the world shown able to
reproduce the conditions necessary for do-it-yourself CoolSculpting at home,
able to reproduce and maintain the same skin temperatures used in the original
Zeltiq CoolSculpting trials; the same technology now being used in cosmetic
surgery clinics around the world to freeze fat and spot reduce your stomach!

“There are currently experiments being set up at Mount Sinai Hospital to test
the Cool Fat Burner’s ability to influence blood glucose levels.

“We’ve already shown years ago that the cool fat burner can burn off extra blood
sugar levels by amounts comparable to equal duration exercise!

“The Cool Fat Burner is being used by thousands of happy customers, professional athletes, physique competitors, and top-notch researchers. So start burning extra calories, freezing
fat, burning off that blood sugar, all while you lounge around the house.

“Please visit and grab your best today — thanks!”


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