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Cold Thermogenesis

The Supplements, Detoxification & Mitochondrial Repair Methods for Overall Health w/ Dr. Chris Shade

In this episode of The Light Diet Podcast Matt interviews Dr. Chris Shade, Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific. Dr. Shade shares how he became who he is, why he ended up in Colorado and his experience with photobiophysics (the use of mirrors to reflect light and polarize it). Join Matt and Dr. Shade as they dive deep into the supplements which are capable of supercharging and improving our bodies, where to get the right phosphatidylcholine, about DHA and Dr. Shade’s go-to protocols to overcome health issues and build overall health! As Matt wonders whether it’s possible to overuse NAD during mitochondrial dysfunction he asks Dr. Chris what his take on this subject is. Press play and stay tuned to learn more about metal mitochondrial inhibitors, cell membranes, detoxification and so much more!

“Too much protein does the same thing as sugar…all that protein, you turn it into sugar.”
– Dr. Chris Shade

Episode Highlights:
● [00:23] Matt’s bio of Dr. Chris Shade and what they discuss in this week’s episode.
● [08:54] How Quicksilver Scientific’s success took him to Colorado!
● [13:00] How he became who he is: physical experiences, mind expansion & academics.
● [17:02] Photobiophysics: the use of mirrors to reflect light and polarize it
● [20:05] Dr. Shade and Matt discuss the purpose and mission of their work.
● [24:58] What are the go to supplements to improve our bodies?
● [30:38] Phosphatidylcholine: Which to take and which to avoid.
● [34:48] Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
● [36:24] Lifestyle: What Dr. Chris has found to be useful in building overall health.
● [42:55] Dr. Chris’ recommendations when it comes to repairing someone with NAD.
● [50:59] Mitochondrial function: how to boost it and the most dangerous inhibitors!
● [01:00:50] Dr. Chris’ one-size fits all detox protocols.
● [01:07:01] Melatonin and the negative feedback loop?
● [01:12:02] What is his take on the optimal “Light Diet” protocol?

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