Saturday, June 15, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

Thermoregulation in Newborn-MD/DCH/DNB Pediatrics exam preparation

Questions asked
1.THemoregulation in neonate
2.Thermoneutral environment
3.Non shivering thermogenesis
4.Management of Hypothermic baby
5.Ten steps of warm chain
Thermoregulation of newborn is a frequently asked question in theory, practicals and something that we need to know for day to day management of neonates. I have tried to touch upon all the topics regarding hypothermia of a neonate and hope I’ve helped some of you guys. The lecture is only to help medical students and healthcare professionals to understand the basic concepts and enable them to approach a case/write in theory exams.I would like to reiterate that the information provided is a compendium of data obtained from various sources and the rights lie with the respective authors.
1.Gomella Neonatology
2.Cloherty textbook of neonatology
3. The NICU companion
4.OP Ghai textbook of pediatrics


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