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Toxic Screens: How to Protect Eyes from Blue Light with Dr. Jack Kruse and Lucia Eyes CEO Dan Huber

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Light is addictive, according to Dr. Kruse. And if one of the types of late we’re getting all day is harmful, we have a problem.
Listen to this podcast to find out more about blue light damage.

Listen to hear:

1. How our screens don’t include the full spectrum, which would normally balance out the blue light.
2. How this constant blue light from our screens is disrupting our melatonin signaling and affecting our health in multiple ways, and
3. What the filtering from blue light glasses benefit, including better sleep, overall health, memory, and behavior. 

Dr. Jack Kruse and Lucia Eyes CEO Daniel Huber talk about blue light’s effect on sleep and additional health concerns. Dan Huber tells his troubling story of experiencing several health pitfalls after moving into his new house. After numerous tests and doctors, he finally figured out that he was having a strong reaction to mold in his house.

After more research, he found that constant exposure to blue light was making him extremely sensitive to this mold. This started a journey that led him to start Lucia Eyes, where they create high quality eye protection in the form of blue light filter glasses that are suitable for the whole family. 

Dr. Kruse explains the science behind these effects. He tells listeners that blue light by itself is present in the sun, but sunlight balances it out with other colors that are its antidote, like red light. Unfortunately, our screens are dominated by this blue light and have a set color temperature equivalent to solar noon. Constant exposure to this disturbs our circadian rhythm. How? Well, this light exposure can affect dopamine and other hormones and can even cause psychological problems. In fact, the hormone melatonin controls our mitochondrial energy production.

Blue light disrupts melatonin production and we breathe less, sleep less, and suffer effects on our basic metabolic rate from overexposure. Some research even shows effects in memory. Together, Dr. Kruse and Dan Huber explain how Lucia Eyes has made glasses to combat this blue light exposure with both daylight and evening options. They explain the numbers and levels behind different blue light filters and Dan explains how their blue light glasses have worked to improve the health of his entire family.

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