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Cold Thermogenesis

UCL AI in Medicine Manolis Kellis (February 3, 2021)

0:00 Introduction and Start
1:47 The Promise of Genetics
4:37 The Challenge of Mechanism
9:25 Disease mechanism dissection methodology
11:23 Epigenome importance and introduction
15:33 Non-coding circuitry example
17:44 FTO, Obesity, and Thermogenesis
21:15 Manipulate circuitry TO reverse disease phenotypes
27:53 Reference Epigenomes to predict disease-relevant tissues
33:33 Immune basis of Alzheimer’s Disease
36:12 EpiMap expansion to 833 Epigenomes
42:48 Genetic + Epigenetic + Transcriptional Variation
51:07 Single-cell dissection of Alzheimer’s
56:58 Single-cell dissection of Schizophrenia
1:02:46 ALS, Fronto-Temporal Dementia, Huntington’s
1:03:28 Multi-Region, Sub-Region, Spatial Transcriptomics
1:09:19 Microglia, scATAC, Somatic mutation mosaicism
1:14:42 Bulk + single-cell integration: Cell-type-specific eQTLs
1:17:21 Multi-phenotype dissease dissection and EHRs
1:20:30 Multi-tissue convergence in obesity, cancer, aging
1:27:07 High-throughput dissection of disease
1:30:50 Summary, Acknowledgements, and open Positions
1:33:00 Q1: Personalized vs Precision Medicine
1:34:44 Q2: Path from Targets to Treatments
1:35:44 Q3: Dangers of Genomic Interventions
1:39:17 Q4: Treatments for Obesity
1:41:08 Q5: Overeating and Food Inequalities
1:43:30 Q6: Extending Productive Human Lifespan
1:45:17 Q7: Lex Fridman conversations
1:45:45 Q8: Genetics, environment, and behavior in disease
1:49:39 Q9: Importance of diversity
1:51:30 Q10: Already answered
1:51:49 Q11: Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, and inflammatory response
1:55:21 Q12: Transhumanism, Psychiatry, and Child Behavior
1:57:56 Q13: Obesity, Willpower, Genetics, Environment, Behavior
2:00:02 Q14: Patents co-ownership of methods, tools, mechanisms
2:01:10 Q15: mRNA treatment duration and reversal
2:02:39 Q16: ML for drug development
2:03:40 Q17: Genetics and Insurance Companies
2:06:10 Q18: Metabolism and Reactive Oxygen Species
2:06:44 Q19: Reversing Thermogenesis and World Hunger
2:09:31 Q20: Favorite Podcasts
2:09:38 Q21: Thanks
2:09:44 Q22: Delivery technologies, Moderna, BioNTech/Pfizer
2:10:50 Q23: Favorite Books
2:12:07 Q24: Feels like a podcast
2:12:27 Q25: Funding for Science
2:13:22 Goodbye and Wrapping up


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