Monday, July 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health


Casey Means, MD is a Stanford-trained physician and co-founder of Levels, a health technology company with the mission of reversing the world’s metabolic health crisis. Her book on metabolic health, Good Energy, comes out in May 2024 with Penguin Random House. She received her BA with honors and MD from Stanford, was President of her Stanford class, and has served on Stanford faculty. She trained in Head & Neck Surgery before leaving traditional medicine to devote her life to tackling the root cause of why Americans are sick. She has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Women’s Health, and more.


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Disclaimer: Nothing in this video is Medical Advice. Dr. Berry does not diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical conditions online; instead, he helps people better understand their health and ways to avoid health problems and promote wellbeing. Make sure you are working with YOUR provider to monitor your health and medications. These posts and videos are not designed to, and do not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, or services to you or to any other individual. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from purchases.


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22 thoughts on “WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR DOCTOR? – with Dr. Casey Means
  1. I hope that eventually there could be a study between lower cholesterol levels and people with higher cholesterol levels, and what the long-term outcomes are between the two. I have much higher cholesterol levels now after being on a carnivore diet, and I’ve never felt so good in my life.

  2. Yes I did fire a pulmonologist my late husband had!
    He was awful and had no regard for me as I was an experienced caregiver he didn’t like me asking questions.

  3. I absolutely “ghosted” the UCLA Gastroenterologist Dr. Anna Skay who told me I would have to take Pharmaceutical Drugs for the rest of my life. She clearly wasn’t aware that the body is amazing at HEALING if the root issues of the symptoms are addressed.

  4. I think it's time to fire my new doctor. First thing he asked was what medications are you on which the answer is zero. Then said I was due for mammogram and a shingles shot which I refuse. My GYN Remind me that I was do for a mammogram as well. Which try again refuse and hold her eye I would go the route of thermography instead. She proceeded to tell me that thermography is less effective and that they actually have more radiation than a mammogram, which I had to try and stifle a laugh and stop myself from telling her she was wrong.

  5. I have fired the last two I’ve seen.
    And I’m a surgeon.
    Neither one physically examined me !
    I trained- if you don’t stick your finger in it you might just step in it.

  6. Veterinarians a bad example. They are EXACTLY the same. Their nutrition knowledge is nonexistent and their education on nutrition is funded by pet food manufacturers. They’re also often selling medicated food. Try feeding your cat / dog a healthy raw diet that will work miracles on their health and you will be in a constant battle to justify your choice to feed natural / unprocessed food to your pet.

  7. It's like a contractor renovating your house who discovers the main beam will fail within the year, but he says nothing because he figures he will make exponentially more money from fixing the collapsed beam, joists, and walls than from just repairing the beam.

  8. Dr CASEY MEANS AND Dr KEN BERRY are my hero’s. I have fired many doctors over the years but not told them I just switched. Many times they leave that are good ones. I mentioned you to him and wrote your name down. I haven’t seen him since but plan on it in two weeks. I worked with hundreds of them over the years Some are wonderful. Some are horrible. Most try.

  9. these last few years showed me how public healthcare can become a medical tyranny. I’m in Canada, where I can’t chose or fire my doctor and can’t even chose to pay for my own private tests. Doctors here behave like gatekeepers and I have to travel to the US and pay full price, while still paying the high rate of taxes.

  10. I fired my PCP almost 10 years ago after I learned about and went to a low carb WOE, and asked if we could do a metabolic health panel including insulin and ApoB. He literally said, "I wouldn't know how to intrepret it." And of course he wanted to put me on a statin, and freeze off 10-15 "pre-cancerous" lesions on my bald head. I thereafter went to a dermatologist who said don't worry about them–only a small % will ever convert, and we can fix those easily. Then I learned that Ted Naiman, MD practiced in my area. Switched to him and haven't looked back. Reversed all symptoms of my pre-diabetes. Now I'm a LMHR and no problems with my bald head lesions.

  11. For GP purposes, I don’t waste the 15 minutes he can only afford to spend with me. I insist on seeing his Nurse Practitioner, who is much better informed than the doctor is and isn’t limited by the clock. Between the NP and my pharmacist, we manage my medications instead of the doctor (they want the medicine to manage you). Also, it’s physically impossible for a good physician to keey up with the daily changes in the PDR. The pharmacist does that, not the doctor. And can’t say enough good things about Faith. My cardiologist calls me a miracle child because I have outlived his mortality predictions by 30 years. He asked me what I thought was keeping me alive for so long. I simply said “Jesus”.

  12. I'm in the process of firing my doctors now (primary care & cardiologist), but haven't found replacements yet. I want real doctors, not drug dealers.

  13. Most doctors don't listen to anyone — about anything. One reason I had to become a research expert on my own condition is because even doctors admit they do not have time to keep up. Also why I stopped listening to every *scientific* study about everything from fat in diets to coffee and its benefits to why doctors push synthetic drugs often over the benefit of some older drug that works. There are things that work but are not new and expensive. I hate endocrinologists the most. Followed by pulmonary specialists. Doctors know nothing about inflammation or it's causes except to throw a pill at it – since I changed diet – inflammation has definitely subsided. Pardon me for saying this but many doctors are killing people with how they treat high blood pressure. I brought my blood pressure down without drugs. My daughter is going through hell with an endocrinologist who doesn't listen which is WHY she is waiting for an appointment with a holistic doctor in May — only 3 months away.

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