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You're Drinking Too Much Caffeine If This Happens To Your Body

For some, caffeine is everything. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a busy businessperson, the kick it gives probably keeps you going. Before you decide to pick up a second cup — or third or fourth or fifth — you should know what all that caffeine is doing to your body.

While you regularly depend on caffeine to keep you alert and energized, drinking too much of this stuff can have the opposite effect on your appearance. As soon as you start drinking it, caffeine begins cutting down on your skin’s production of collagen. As registered dietitian Trista Best explained to Health Digest:

“Collagen gives the skin tightness and elasticity that is responsible for keeping its youthful and vibrant appearance.”

When you have less collagen, you get more wrinkles. Obviously, this is expected as we age, but not when we’re simply relying on caffeine to keep us going. While you may not be ready to give up your lattes just yet, you may want to consider reducing your consumption. As Best told us:

“Cutting back on coffee is one way to prevent this decrease in collagen and improve skin’s appearance.”

Watch the video to find out what happens to your body when you’re drinking too much caffeine.

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Premature aging | 0:00
Insomnia | 0:55
High blood pressure | 1:28
Anxiety and stress | 2:05
Heartburn | 2:29
Frequent urination | 3:00
Hallucinations | 3:32
Digestive problems | 3:51
Heart palpitations | 4:21
Decreased appetite | 4:55

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