Monday, June 17, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

Cold / Heat Therapy: The Big Picture

Regardless of whether you LOVE or HATE using the sauna & cold plunging, here’s the big picture you may have not been seeing!

The real point is to be comfortable at many different ambient temperatures. If you don’t do temperature shock therapy, do these small things first! If you do love to cold plunge and get in the sauna, you’re still missing out if you don’t also do these smaller things throughout the day! They really add up! This is all about the health benefits of temperature adaptation, but in practical terms it’s about LIVING YOUR LIFE without having to seesaw between feeling overheated & too cold during the day.

In this video I don’t mention all the well-researched benefits of temperature shock therapy, but here are a few: mental clarity, emotional regulation, and physical energy. For me cryotherapy clears up mild depression and anxiety, and works better for brain function than all the “focus” supplements people sell. Serious cold plunging in the morning is my secret trick to perform well on high-pressure exams or keep my head in other high stress situations.

There are smaller things you can do at less extreme temperatures, yet these things are seen as more extreme (not using AC, not needing to be over-heated in the winter). But they have very similar benefits to the temperature shock therapy that people are familiar with. These things you can do all day, every day instead of just in short sessions.


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