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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondrial Secrets to Defy Aging and Master your Metabolism with Jennifer Scheinman

Jennifer is an accomplished Registered Dietitian Nutritionist boasting over two decades of expertise in nutrition and wellness. During the course of her career, she has worked at some of the nation’s premier health and wellness institutions, showcasing her depth of experience in the field.

Jen’s master’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, coupled with advanced training in bioenergetics and hormone balance from the Institute of Functional Medicine, provides her with a profound understanding of the complex interplay between nutrition, cellular health, and longevity. This specialized education has equipped Jen with a unique skill set, enabling her to delve into the nuances of how dietary and lifestyle factors influence the body’s energy production and biological processes of aging.

Jen is currently the Senior Manager of Timeline Nutrition, where she plays a pivotal role in educating both healthcare professionals and consumers about the significance of cellular health and Urolithin A in the context of aging and longevity. Beyond her responsibilities at Timeline, she is a renowned speaker, writer, and media figure. Jennifer also continues to practice as a nutrition coach, dedicating herself to assisting clients in optimizing their nutrition for enhanced vitality and a longer healthspan.

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– What are mitochondria and why are they important?
– What happens when mitochondria start to decline
– What are some advanced signs of aging?
– What things in our environment and diet impact our mitochondria?
– What type of medications impact mitochondria?
– What is mitophagy?
– What naturally lowers mitophagy?
– How do we improve mitophagy?
– The one nutrient that has been proven in humans to stimulate mitophagy
– The health benefits of polyphenols
– What are post-biotics and why are they important?
– Unlocking the secrets of the pomegranate
– The studies showing the benefits of Urolithin A on muscle health
– How mitochondrial health is tied to every organ in the body
– How a decline in mitochondrial function is tied to aging skin
– How to make your skin more resilient to the effects of the sun

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