Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

How to build a chest freezer ice bath

I go over how I made my chest freezer ice bath along with what materials I used.

Freezer: Frigidaire 14.8 CuFt

The Ultimate Chest Freezer Cold Plunge DIY Guide e-Book

* Marineland Magnum Filter
* Evob Skimmer net
* Hydrogen peroxide

* Inkbird Digital Thermostat
* Etekcity Lasergrip digital thermostat
* Polar bear thermometer

Other stuff
* Food grade Silicone sealant
* TRC GFI outlet
* Clear Water Fun garden hose filter
* Gooseneck iPhone Holder
* BINO Collapsible Basin
* Rubber Ducky
* Personal Harmonizer for native EMFs
* Magnesium flakes
* 8 lbs Epsom salt

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