Monday, July 15, 2024

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10 thoughts on “Science Monday! A Proof for Quantum Consciousness? + Mitochondria vs. Obesity
  1. Penrose and Hamerhoff made that hypothesis in the 1990s. Its largely untestable, microtubules function to give structure to neural cells. You can't run a brain without microtubules.

  2. Obesity? Lol thats just caused by laziness and greed, you do not need to be a Scientist to know that, it is not a disease,
    it is inheriting bad habits, and ignorance to basic biology and nutrition, it should be taught in schools but it does not anymore, what a coincidence.

  3. this is mostly not new; acknowledging the scientists and their theory-turned-reality is new. there are many other scientists related to these theories over the last few decades alluding to the holographic consciousness from the universal size down to the microscopic. I study consciousness in all its aspects. science is slowly digging itself out of a murky place where it almost convinced us of having zero will, like our brains were like computers. the ridiculous Huxley theory AI programmers adhere to, leading AI to a consciousnessless, regressive egragore of a synaptic human brain. there are fields that exist in a different spacetime to our current 3D perception of reality. "consciousness" is the signal/frequency our pyramidal neurons receive.

  4. awesome.

    i was looking for a better term for efficacy some time ago, and came up with effectificiency. there was no term which really describes a composite of efficiency and effectiveness, perhaps you find it useful.

    the content and your thoughts are interesting, you’re on the right track.

    is there a way to connect to engage in deeper conversations around these topics?

  5. if you can unlock quantum consciousness secrets your on the way to initialising super intelligent AI and better understanding of life today in the natural world where we live and perhaps even trigger great discoveries

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