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Mitochondrial Health

Mast Cell Activation & Our Kids w/Dr Elisa Song

Mast Cell Activation, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, & The Cell-Danger Response

I welcome Dr Elisa Song, holistic pediatrician & functional medicine expert to the show. She defines mast cells, their purpose, & what happens when they’re activated.

We discuss histamine overload and ways to reduce its impact on the body.

We also cover the cell-danger response and what happens when the cell becomes stuck in this state. Mast cell activation and a stuck cell danger response can burn out our mitochondria (leading to mitochondrial dysfunction). Dr Song shares signs of mitochondrial dysfunction & ways to support them.

***This episode is loaded with practical tips we all can use to support our families struggling with MCAS. ***

During this interview we discuss a variety of things related to MCAS in children. Topics covered include:
— Is MCAS driving the rise in chronic childhood conditions?
— Why mast cells and histamine are not necessarily bad things
— Histamine overload & mast cell activation
— The cell-danger response
— Signs of mitochondrial dysfunction & how to support the mitochondria
— How to support mast cells and reduce histamine

Episode Outline
— The rise in childhood chronic health issues like autism, ADHD, autoimmune issues…etc
— By 2025, 80% of our kids will be diagnosed with a chronic health issue
— Just because something is common doesn’t make it normal
— What are mast cells and why do we need them
— Histamine & mast cells are not bad things
— When histamine becomes a problem
— What is the cell danger response and the 3 phases of cell danger response
— what happens when the cell gets stuck in danger response
— Why do cells get stuck in the danger response
— Mitochondrial dysfunction & signs of dysfunction in kids & adults
— Signs of mito dysfunction in babies
— Supplements and ways to support the mitochondria
— The effect of stress on mitochondria
— An easy, at-home test for histamine levels: dermographism
— Signs of histamine overload
— Mast cell stabilizers & other mast cell supports
— Dr Song’s 3 practical tips for raising a happy healthy family.

Check out the show notes page for more information on Mast Cell Activation & for links to the products/supplements Dr Song mentions in the interview!

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