Monday, July 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Molecular Immunology Lecture 7: Differentiation of CD8+ Cells Part 2

This is recorded talk about differentiation of CD+ cells and certain key concepts of using CD+ cells for cancer immunotherapy
My name is Muhammad Mustafa and I used to teach Chemistry during my early career, later earned my Doctorate in Medical Sciences from Yonsei University, College of Medicine and restarted my teaching career in University. Currently I am teaching Medical biotechnology, Molecular immunology and cancer biology. My area of research is breast cancer diagnosis and tumor suppressors. With this channel I am sharing my videos to improve my abilities and to promote the culture of science and research in Pakistan.
These are humble efforts and required to be improved always.
You can catch more about me and my work here….…
I am also working on the platform of Khwarizmi Science Society, to see our activities to build a science culture do visit


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