Monday, June 17, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

Thermoregulation in mammals, human

Thermoregulation in mammals in urdu and hindi
Thermoregulatory strategies in mammals:
Mammals including human maintain their high body temperature within narrow range of about 36…38C because of their endothermic characteristics.
1. Shivering thermogenesis
2. Non- shivering thermogenesis
3. Brown fat
4. Evaporative cooling
5. Skin
Mechanism of thermoregulation in mammals against cold temperature:
1.vasodilation and vasoconstriction
2.lower temperature in arms and legs
3. Furs and hairs
4. Fat below the skin
5. Marine mammals such as whales and seals have blubber under the skin.
Mechanism of thermoregulation in mammals against warm temperature:
1.vasodilation and role of skin
2.evaporative cooling
4. Bats use saliva and urine to enhance Evaporative cooling.


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