Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

7 Immune Boosting Habits Based on Science, Not Hype

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These science-backed habits can make your immune system more resilient, strong.

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Blue Blocking Glasses:

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A Metabolism Book Should Have:

Best Mouth Tape (Nexcare):

Red Headlamp (wear this at night around your house):

Breath Right Strips:

Best iPhone Stabilizer:

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

01:00 Get 2 months of Skillshare for free!
03:39 Lose body fat! It’s a sponge for a host of immune cells that chew up the bandwidth of your immune system
04:25 chronic inflammation is a problem
“Western Diet consumption activates the innate immune system and impairs adaptive immunity, leading to chronic inflammation and impaired host defense against viruses. Furthermore, peripheral inflammation caused by COVID-19 may have long-term consequences in those that recover, leading to chronic medical conditions such as dementia and neurodegenerative disease, likely through neuroinflammatory mechanisms that can be compounded by an unhealthy diet.”
04:29 Obesity increases disease severity
04:45 Fasting and fat loss
05:23 Diabetes and Immune issues
05:53 Keto is a great tool for diabetes
07:59 Short term blood sugar elevations = immune alterations
07:26 Keto: Yale scientists discuss how it affects immunity
07:58: Exercise and Immunity
11:00 Sleep and immune health
11:45 Avoiding social jet lag
12:39 breath work, sleep quality leptin
13:32: Thermal stress Sauna study and brown adipose study
15:27 Breath work and the immune system


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